Camus XO Borderies Single Estate 40% ABV


หมวดหมู่ : GOOD BEV Whiskey, Spirits, Vodka,Gin,RHUM


Camus XO Borderies Single Estate 40% ABV

The smallest and rarest of all Cognac Growths, the Borderies produce Cognacs of wonderful bouquet and
distinctive character. Aged slowly in oak casks and using Cognacs predominantly from the CAMUS family's own
Borderiesvineyards, CAMUS BORDERIES XO is distinguished by its delicate violet and vanilla aromas and its
smoothness on the palate. Only five generations of the same family can guarantee a Cognac of such exceptional
qualityas CAMUS BORDERIES XO. Rich array of aromas fruity. spicy. gourmet notes before developing perfectly
toward a finish with long-lasting floral hints.

Bottle Size 700ml

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