Camus Borderies Royal Banquet 40% ABV


หมวดหมู่ : GOOD BEV Whiskey, Spirits, Vodka,Gin,RHUM


Camus Borderies Royal Banquet 40% ABV

The blend is mainly composed of above-XO grade cognac produced exclusively from the Camus family's private
vineyards, in the rarest and most sought after cru of the Borderies. This already extraordinary spirit is then
further enhanced by adding cognacs which were distilled and matured in oak for 70 years. These extremely rare
cognacs add an incredible complexity to the blend with dense floral bouquet evolves into creamy French
pastries, aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, roasted hazelnuts, and, finally, the deep aromas of leather and charred
oak. Only produced in 12,000 bottles each year.

Bottle Size 700ml

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