Tomintoul Cognac Cask Finish 40% / 70cl.


หมวดหมู่ : GOOD BEV Whiskey, Spirits, Vodka,Gin,RHUM


Tomintoul Cognac Cask Finish 40% / 70cl.

Craated this small b I batch bottling by spectally sele lecting Tomintoul aged in exceptional ex-bourbon American oak barrels,
which are then married & firished in hand selected Cognac casks from France. Light and liffed with anomas of chestnut.
lemon rind, blossom honey and amaretti biscuits with hints cf chamomile and fenned. weet choux pastry and Chantilly
cream mingled with sugared almonds, butterscotch, golden raisins and rolling tobacco.

Bottle Size 70cl
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