Tomintoul Pinot Noir Cask Finish 40% / 70cl.


หมวดหมู่ : GOOD BEV Whiskey, Spirits, Vodka,Gin,RHUM


Tomintoul Pinot Noir Cask Finish 40% / 70cl.

Crtated this small batch bottling by specially selecting Tomintoul aged in exceptional exbourbon American oak casks,
which are then married & fintished in hand selected Pinot Noir wine barrels from Burgundy. France. A bouquet of summer
berries and red grapes bound with filo pastry, baking spices and salted caramel. Sweet layers of baked strawberry,
blackcurrant iquorice glace cherries and catifapjacks structured with tobacco and oak spice.

Bottle Size 70cl
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