Vigneti del Salento ZOLLA Primitivo Di Manduria DOC


RED WINE 2020 Code : WVD-004R

หมวดหมู่ : สินค้า GOOD BEV Wine Italy


Vigneti del Salento, a Farnese Vini winery, is located in Puglia—the heel of the boot of Italy. This peninsula is an old wine growing area dating back to the ancient Greeks. It is a very hot region cooled by nighttime maritime breezes. Vigneti del Salento has a special arrangement with the many growers in this region. The winemaking team carefully selects the best portions of each vineyard depending on clones, position in the vineyard and age of vines. They then direct the farming of these vineyard rows including reducing the yield per vine, to ensure the highest quality grapes. Since most of the vineyards are family owned, they tend to be smaller, allowing complete harvesting of all the vineyards in about 3 days.


Region : Salento - Puglia

Brand : Vigneti del Salento

Model : “ZOLLA” Primitivo Di Manduria DOC

Grape :  100% Primitivo

Year : 2020


Tast :  Intense, complex, fruity aroma, with notes of small red
fruits (cherries and blackberries). With velvety texture and soft, warm and quite tannic, with great taste-olfactory persistence.

Color :  Ruby red color with violet dark hints.

Pairings : Excellent with robust
pasta dishes and lamb and
excellent with game with rich
sauces, seasoned cheeses.

Code : WVD-004R

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