Fantini Gran Cuvee Spumante Brut



หมวดหมู่ : สินค้า GOOD BEV Wine Italy


Farnese Vini is a young winery that in a few years, thanks to a policy devoted to the highest quality

research and marketing, has become the leading exporting companies in Southern Italy with a

production of nearly 20 million bottles. The brand Farnese, known in the most important world markets,

will mark the group now has seven leading companies in the south of Italy and commercial outlets in

80 countries on all continents. In the future strategies of the Group Farnese, southern Italy will play an

increasingly important role because it is able to produce wines with an excellent quality-price ratio


Region : Abruzzo

Brand : Fantini

Model : Gran Cuvee Spumante Brut

Grape : Cococciola

Year : N/V


Tast :  Complex perfume, with hints of green citrus fruits and foral
aromas. Elegant and persistent perlage. In the mouth, it’s
elegant, mineral, fresh and wellbalanced

Color : Brilliant straw yellow

Pairings :  It matches perfectly with
all kinds of food, in particular with
seafood. Good served as aperitif.

Bottle Size 750ml


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