Arvesølvet Aquavit / 40% ABV / 70 cl.


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Arvesølvet Aquavit / 40% ABV / 70 cl.

Arvesølvet Aquavit is aged in new Sherry casks. Together with the best botanicals from the wilds of Norway, this ageing gives Arvesølvet a complex nose and palate. Arvesølvet was launched in autumn 2011. It soon won many international and Norwegian awards. This is a modern Aquavit for the discerning palate. The Aquavit is matured in American oak casks for at least 12 months. It’s this along with the unique blend of herbs and spices defines Arvesølvet Aquavit, and gives it its vanilla notes and extra depth. ABV 40%

Bottle Size 700ml

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